What I Do

Transforming teams and cultures into game-changing ones

A 21st-century approach to driving inclusion and performance

I combine the powerful GC Index diagnostic tool with the concept of Psychological Safety to help you understand how to lead and unleash your people's talents so you can set your organisation up for success.

I'll support you in creating a culture that is inclusive of your people's unique abilities and how to drive your teams to have a maximum impact on results.

"Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people." - Steve Jobs

Our Services

I'm here to provide you with new ways of gaining a deeper insight into your people, your company, and your leadership style—think of them as lightbulb moments. While not limited to these areas, my services mainly focus on enabling you to:

  • Prioritise Psychological Safety within your company
  • Use The GC Index to identify who to recruit, where and how to deploy them and when to promote them into key roles where they can do their best work
  • Create a common language that helps your whole team understand that everyone plays a part in your company's success
  • Validate your business strategy ensuring decisions are better informed
  • Build and sustain a culture of inclusion and collaboration that will increase performance, as well as employee satisfaction, loyalty, and happiness
  • Team building workshops for senior leadership groups - move from storming to performing
  • Strategic planning progressing from vision and mission to action and execution
  • Understanding different Behavioural styles to better collaborate, teamwork and negotiate at a senior level
  • Develop a modern Consultative Solution Selling skills to win big at a corporate level

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See your people differently with The GC Index

The GC Index is a unique diagnostic tool that measures both individual drive and collective impact. This means that you'll get a clear understanding of what motivates your people and drives your teams.

The old ways of recruiting, promoting, and deploying people rely too much on experience, expertise, and personality. They can't give you what The GC Index does—powerful insights into how and where people can make a real impact on team success and business results.

"Game-changing teams are not the result of one person having a sudden inspiration but diverse teams working together recognising the different energy and impact each brings." - A thought inspired by James Dyson, a real Game Changer

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Why work with me?

What I Do

Know what drives your people

Learn the science behind The GC Index framework, and structure your teams based on where people are most energised to make an impact.s.

What I Do

A healthier culture

Understand how The GC Index can help you create a psychologically safe work environment that's inclusive of all employees.

What I Do

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Every consultation begins with taking The GC Index survey and discussing the results on a free 1-hour phone call.