The GC Index & Psychological Safety

Helping 21st-century leaders create 21st-century work cultures

Build a shared culture of innovation, inclusion, and growth

Psychological safety is a basic human need that has to be satisfied for innovation, problem-solving, and collaboration to take place. This all leads to employee motivation, happiness, loyalty and performance.

The GC Index & Psychological Safety
The GC Index & Psychological Safety

Learn to use conflict constructively

Psychological Safety in the workplace doesn't mean that everyone is nice to each other all the time and conflict disappears. The challenge of creating a collaborative culture is managing any conflict that will inevitably come to the fore. I'll work with you to understand where and why conflict in your organisation exists, so you can lead your teams to a culture of candor rather than silence.

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Why Psychological Safety?

I've worked with leaders and organisations who believe Psychological Safety is about creating a warm, fuzzy work environment. I've worked with others who believe they have an open and safe culture because they're outwardly caring and provide a fun place to work.

But Psychological Safety goes much deeper than what most companies have to offer—it's a shared belief system that everyone on a team belongs and can speak up with ideas, questions, and concerns. As a leader, this belief system starts with you.

When your company lacks Psychological Safety, a culture of silence and fear develops that stifles innovation, reduces performance, and bleeds talent. All of which can lead to high turnover or "quit-and-stay syndrome," where employees stay in a role but lack motivation. This can also impact your reputation and ability to attract and retain quality new talent.

I focus on Psychological Safety because it's proven to increase employee satisfaction and retention, improve cross-functional team collaboration, and build a culture of shared values where everyone is allowed to contribute. More importantly, everyone is encouraged to take chances without the fear of failure. This all leads to greater innovation and success for your business.