Seeking Talent in Emerging Markets – No Excuses!

The emerging markets still offer the greatest opportunity for growth and the acquisition of new talent.

Companies struggle to know how to recruit in Russia, Africa, India, the Middle East and South America.

  • Standard of local agencies are poor

  • Global players often franchise or outsource and have difficulty maintaining quality

  • Limited international or global perspective.

The best candidates are difficult to find- but they are there!

Emerging  Booklet


This throws the floor open to some of our clients with hands-on experience.I hope you enjoy this Emerging Markets edition. We welcome your views.


Nichols has over 30 years experience in the emerging markets of the world, we helped to build organisations in new markets for many of the worlds leading consumer goods and healthcare companies.

We are leading the way with innovative talent acquisition methods, including Insights, Mapping, Talent Pipelining and Tracking.

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