Do you have the Leaders' of the future?

Looking to top talent?

We believe that one of the real challenges facing many organisations is not how many people are “out there” and available, but who are the real leadership talent of the future? Where are they, and how can we attract them?

How can you identify and attract talent that can make the step from being a very effective senior manager to being a great leader - a difficult step in large corporations where the manager is often asked “to do” but the director to “think and lead”.

  • Who is out there in the market? Are our people good enough? Could we do better or should we be grateful for what we have got?

  • What do people think of us? What is our reputation? Will top candidates want to come to us? Can we attract the best talent?

  • How good are our succession plans? How good is our development process? Can our managers become great leaders' - experts' in strategy and execution?

  • What if one of our top people leave? Have we got people ready or will we need to quickly go to the market?

  • Can we build relationships with new talent with new skills, ideas and approaches?

  • Can we tackle any diversity issues at the same time?

  • Are our recruitment strategies innovative and different, or do we follow the crowd?

All these questions could be answered by the innovative and proven approach of MAP & TRACK™.

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