The Future of Recruitment

In-house, Outsource, Talent Acquisition, Procurement controls – what’s it to be?

The pendulum has swung back and forth over the past decade or so.

The reduction of un-regulated, multiple recruitment partners, sometimes in their hundreds, is surely a good thing. HR will argue that delegating the difficult and time consuming recruitment problem to specialist Talent Acquisition (TA) departments is a major benefit.

Discipline and cost control over recruitment has been implemented. Outsourcing to large specialist recruitment companies was the fashion 10 years ago – the debate is out.

The establishment of internal Talent Acquisition departments has worked for some, but has been a costly failure for others, resulting in the complete reversal of this policy and the removal of the function.

The worst case scenario is an enormous extra in-house cost, an extra layer in the management and decision-making process, added bureaucracy, candidates treated like products and vacancies unfilled for even longer - with the blame passed around or directed unfairly to the TA executives who are an easy target.

As a boutique specialist executive search firm we are happy to work with line managers, HR or Talent Acquisition and in any format or structure as long as the contract, brief, process and communication is clear and the candidates treated well and professionally.

We are the experts – it’s what we do. Let us manage the process and the candidate interaction. We are really good at this. We have the time, the knowledge, the skills and the passion. Your employer brand, quality of hire, retention of top talent and ultimately business success is at stake.

So what of the future; we predict:

  • An expansion of strategic talent management which combines the responsibility for talent acquisition.

  • An upgrading of TA – there is a ‘War for Talent’ in this area and many mistakes made in hiring the hirers. Companies must get better at this!!

  • A continued move to PSL’s but a return to a more strategic and partnership orientated approach to working with carefully selected and vetted external recruitment partners – control and discipline still needed!

  • A joint business planning approach to the procurement of recruitment services. Procurement know mutually beneficial partnerships and contracts are essential to all relationships, even with recruitment partners.

  • Great candidates are fewer, competition is a fierce as ever, candidates and the new generations demand and expect more in their employment conditions, in an authentic and consistent approach to company culture and behaviour, and in the way they are treated especially during the recruitment process.This is important get it right!

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