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Social Media has transformed the recruitment industry, resulting in many companies establishing Talent Acquisition as a major part of their talent management and succession planning agenda.

Talent Acquisition can present itself in different forms - from a strategic oversight role, to the management of external resources, to a full in-house “do it yourself” approach.

Working in partnership with Talent Acquisition departments is a benefit to traditional executive search companies as it merges their skills and experience with the internal resources of Talent Acquisition to create the most effective way forward to building a sustainable flow of top talent.

Nichols has been at the forefront of providing flexible, innovative, cost effective, quality and results orientated services to companies of all sizes.

MAP & TRACK offers tailor made support to Talent Acquisition departments - from Benchmarking to Research and Target List provision, through to full Talent Pool creation and management.

MAP & TRACK Modular Stages

If you are interested in learning more about our flexible and modular approach visit our give us a call on: +44 1628 810717 or drop us an email:

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