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Social Media has transformed the recruitment industry, resulting in many companies establishing Talent Acquisition as a major part of their talent management and succession planning agenda.

Talent Acquisition can present itself in different forms - from a strategic oversight role, to the management of external resources, to a full in-house “do it yourself” approach.

Working in partnership with Talent Acquisition departments is a benefit to traditional executive search companies as it merges their skills and experience with the internal resources of Talent Acquisition to create the most effective way forward to building a sustainable flow of top talent.

Nichols has been at the forefront of providing flexible, innovative, cost effective, quality and results orientated services to companies of all sizes.

MAP & TRACK offers tailor made support to Talent Acquisition departments - from Benchmarking to Research and Target List provision, through to full Talent Pool creation and management.

If you are interested in learning more about our flexible and modular approach visit our give us a call on: +44 1628 810717 or drop us an email:

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