Transform your business, your teams, your thinking

Create a culture that is inclusive of your people's unique abilities.

Being a business leader responsible for building and managing high-performing, innovative and problem-solving teams can be a lonely place.

Despite having talented people, they aren't always motivated to perform to their optimum potential. Today's workforce is more sophisticated, better informed, diverse and multi-generational. They need more, and so do you.

I help senior leaders build and sustain game-changing teams by promoting a psychologically safe culture where everyone feels empowered to achieve overall business goals. Using the globally-acclaimed GC Index that has driven better business results for 4000+ clients, I'll work with you to create a culture that is inclusive of your people's unique abilities.

Make no mistake this is about building sustainable, loyal, innovative and winning teams, not just a nice culture.

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Roger Nichols

Founder Nichols Consultancy | The GC Index Partner | UK Partner Redpill consulting / Leadership & Culture Champion

After four decades of consulting world-class leaders from international companies and privately-owned startups around the world, I've learned that the most innovative and successful company cultures are those that empower their people to do what drives them.

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Know what drives your people

Learn the science behind The GC Index framework, and structure your teams based on where people are most energised to make an impact.


A healthier culture

Understand how The GC Index can help you create a psychologically safe work environment that's inclusive of all employees.


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